Here’s how cold showers can change your life today

Here’s how cold showers can change your life today

Cold showers are something that everyone should try at least once in their life. You might think I’m crazy for even suggesting having one, but honestly, I’m not!

There’s multiple reasons why you should be having one at least once a week, if not every day. I’m a huge fan of them now, and now my body craves the cold water and the feeling and the rush that having a cold shower gives you.

I know, they’re probably the most unpleasant experience ever when you first have one, and when the boiler breaks and you’re in a rush, sometimes you have too. Everyone remembers their first one, and it’s probably not their favourite thing to talk about!

Often called the “James Bond Shower,” or “Scottish Shower,” turning off the hot water can provide surprising benefits for our body and skin.

Ice water
Cold water can be found anywhere in the cold, not just the shower!

The benefits of cold showers

Increased recovery times

Cold water therapy is proven to be one of the most effective ways of aiding recovery after sports and exercise. Athletes take ice baths after training for good reason, as they reduce muscle soreness, speed up recovery times and help the body recover quickly. After using the gym, a quick cold shower can be just as effective, especially in relieving DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness.)

Cold showers can aid weight loss and cutting body fat. The human body contains two types of fat tissue, white fat and brown fat. White fat is collected when you’re in a calorie surplus, and we don’t burn these calories for energy. This white body fat collects on our problem areas like the waist, lower back, neck, and thighs, and is the one we all struggle to eliminate. Brown fat is the good fat, which generates heat to keep our bodies warm, and is activated when exposed to extreme cold.

Improves immunity, health circulation

Taking a cold shower in the morning and feeling the cold water cover your body sounds horrendous doesn’t it? Don’t rule it out just yet! The deep breathing used by the body’s shock helps us keep warm, as it increases our overall oxygen intake and makes our heart rate increase, releasing blood throughout your body and giving you a much needed kick-start to the day.

Cold water also improves circulation by encouraging blood to surround our organs to protect them from the cold. As cold water hits the body, blood starts to flow through your arteries much faster and efficiently, therefore boosting our overall heart health. It can also assist in lowering blood pressure, clearing blocked arteries and improve our immune system.

Cold showers also improve how you look on the outside too. Hot water can dry out our skin, so using cold water can tighten your cuticles and pores, which will prevent them from getting clogged. Cold water can “seal” the pores in the skin and scalp too, preventing dirt from getting in and protecting it from pollution and the outside world.

Better mental health

Cold showers are known to help build resilience, mental fortitude and the ability to mentally overcome any challenge. They can also help reduce stress, improve cognitive ability and help improve your focus.

Cold showers have also been shown to relieve depression and anxiety. Due to the intense impact of cold receptors in the skin, a massive amount of electrical impulses are sent from the peripheral nerve endings to the brain. producing an anti-depressive effect, boosting your mind instantly and providing a quick pick-me-up when you need one.

Getting over the initial shock

The thought of a cold shower at any time of the year may be enough to send shivers down your spine but don’t write them off straight away.

Cold water therapy is proven to help decrease recovery times after weight lifting, improve the appearance of your skin and hair, increase blood flow and help regulate essential hormones in your body.

The initial shock of stepping into a cold shower is overwhelming; your chest tightens, your breathing becomes erratic and your body is urging you to turn off the cold water. This is natural and it takes time to adjust to them.

Breathe through it, don’t panic and focus on something else. Eventually, the cold water will feel like it’s not cold at all and after a week or two of cold showers after exercise, you’ll really feel the difference.

Picking up new habits

Starting to take cold showers gives you a newfound sense of belief and inspiration in your life, and really gives you the impetus to do the things you’ve been putting off forever!

Setting new habits and keeping them will be much easier by using cold showers as they help build the discipline and resilience you need to face your day. If you can summon up the willpower and courage to step into a freezing cold shower in the morning then you can do anything you put your mind too.

Whether you want to go to the gym more, give something up or are just looking for an extra burst of motivation to do what you need to do, try a cold shower and you’ll find yourself being the best version of yourself without even knowing it!

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