The power of failure – How to embrace failure and breed success

The power of failure – How to embrace failure and breed success

Failure is an essential part of growth, learning and moving forward in your life. Sometimes it’s as easy as letting go of your fears, being in the present or simply accepting that failure is okay. 

I’ve failed more times than I remember in my life. I’ve pretty much failed at all areas in life, in one way or another, multiple times.

Despite the pain, anguish, negative emotions and hundreds of times I’ve thought about giving up, I know that I wouldn’t be the man I am today without these failures. 

I don’t see failure as a lack of success in your life. Failure is the tool that should be embraced by all, accepted and promoted as the catalyst for change and growth.

Embracing the failures

Learn from your mistakes. Journal them, talk about them, analyse them, think about them, whatever it takes to fully understand why you failed.

Never be scared to fail. Fear of failure could be seen as the greatest barrier to success in life. Ask anyone if they’re scared of failing in any aspect of their life and the answer will more likely be yes.

Yes, it’s terrifying. Failure is humiliating. It damages our pride and leaves us feeling worthless. I’ve been there. Rock bottom. Wanting the world to swallow me up. Wanting to close my eyes and never open them again.

The greatest change I made in my life is accepting my failures for what they are. They’re temporary setbacks in the pursuit of my goals, my growth as a person and my development into the man I know i’m capable of becoming.

I’m forever grateful of my failures and shortcomings. The feelings of worthlessness, not being good and disappointment are outweighed now by the belief that I can do anything in this world. I know it’s okay to fail at whatever I do as long as i’m learning from my mistakes.

You could go on google now, search ‘failure quotes’ and see the amount of people who have overcome their failures by learning from their mistakes. The most influential inventors, celebrities, sports stars and influencers in this world have all failed multiple times, hit rock bottom and had to start again.

Breeding the success

A question that really transpired with me was “What would you do if you knew for certain you could never fail”? Think about this for a second. Close your eyes and visualise your life if you knew that whatever you did, you could never fail. 

Although this isn’t the reality we live in, why shouldn’t we be in a mindset that agrees with this question? There’s no reason to be scared of failure, too afraid to follow your goals and unwilling to learn from your mistakes.

Failure breeds success in many ways. The more you fail, the more chance you have of succeeding at something.

Failure should be been as an event and not a mindset. Something temporary and finite, something that stretches the limits of your capabilities to new horizons. 

It’s an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Think of your failures as opportunities to learn and start again, but this time you’re equipped with the power to do it differently.

It’s difficult to learn from your mistakes. It requires time, commitment and an almost unshakeable belief in yourself.

You always have have to start somewhere , so here’s 3 easy ways to start that helped me:

  • Redefine your goals  – Make your goals and values include the capacity to learn, grow and study what you’re striving for. There’s always something learn when chasing your goals, so you can never really ‘fail’ in the pursuit of your goals
  • See the obstacles coming- Instead of seeing success and what you’re going to achieve in the week, think about what’s going to stop you from achieving what you want. Embrace what it is, let go of the fear and plan and develop strategies to learn from your failures.
  • Surrender and let go – You’re never going to overcome the fear of failure if you’re holding on to every mistake you’ve ever made. Overthinking and anxiety go hand in hand. Realise it’s okay to fail, surrender to the feelings and let go of the feelings that accompany failure.

It’s a learning process and a journey of self-discovery. You’ll figure out your values and morals and really expand yourself in all aspects by accepting that failure is okay. 

The above is a random collection of thoughts that I have collated into this post. They’re my reflections, my beliefs and my views laid out bare.

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